I'm Dacia,

a travelling wedding photographer 
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I was raised in the mountains of Colorado, on a small farm owned by my grandparents, who lived next door. I spent my youth running free, collecting various sticks, bugs, and rocks, surrounded by the people who loved me most.  Forever a deeply adventurous soul, I followed my heart and moved to NYC in my early 20s and forged a life there for over a decade. I learned grit, efficiency, and a deep trust of my own abilities and intuition, and NYC is just as much a part of me as the optimistic, bright-eyed, fascinated farm girl that came form Colorado. 

These days, I travel often between LA, New York and over Mexico to photograph people in love. 

I first fell in love with Mexico in 2016 when attending a creative residency in Oaxaca. I was completely taken with the warmth, textures, and colors, food and energy of Mexico, but little did I know my obsession was only beginning. After my time there, I spent a quick but incredible week in Mexico City  and I knew then that there was no other city for me. Now, in my 2 years of living in CDMX, I feel deeply content, continually challenged, and most like myself here. It's my greatest joy to share the beauty of Mexico with others.

why mexico?

Photography is my love language.

I believe in celebrating the moments you feel the most like yourself.

While photographing, I encourage affection through playfulness and positivity. I embrace fully who you are, and nurture the ways you authentically love each other. My photographs are a combination of editorial portraiture and candid photojournalism – I'll direct when needed and I promise to always offer my thoughts or suggestions when necessary – you're the ones that bring the fire. I will always make sure that it feels like YOU.

In this life, everything is a passing moment.
How lucky to be able to hold onto a moment. How lucky to be the person that gives that gift to others.

I believe that photography is one of the most powerful tools we have for truly seeing ourselves. We have no idea how truly beautiful we are, because we never get to see what we look like when we're actually living – when we're lit up my the person we love, when we're belly laughing or involved in something we care deeply about. I cannot wait to show you how beautiful you are.

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