Twin Baby Boys, Brooklyn, NY Family Session

First quiet moments at home with baby twin boys

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Twins. Two bright new baby boys, born to some truly incredible people, Deb + Kelly. When I photographed their wedding a couple of years before, we had an immediate kinship, and though life is so very busy, have been able to stay in touch. When she texted me the news of her newborn boys, I knew I needed to do an in-home session with them. Just one day shy of six weeks old, and just a short time before they moved from their Brooklyn apartment, we made some photos that do what I feel photography’s greatest calling is: to hold a specific moment in time, before you even know how important it will become. Here’s Deb on that idea, in her own words:

“I can’t begin to tell you even a fraction of what these photos mean to us! They’re absolutely gorgeous. Things have been so busy since the boys were born that I haven’t ever really had a chance to view myself as a mother, and these photos serve as a much-needed affirmation of motherhood. Our lives in Brooklyn often feel so distant; I’m glad we have these photos to remember the space where our family began and to see how precious this time truly is. Your talent, kindness, and authenticity shine through your photos. Thank you for your perspective.”

Photography is simple. We don’t need an epic setting, a significant event, or fancy clothes. To me, photography tells the story of simply what is, what it is now, and there is so much beauty in that, because nothing will ever be the same. 



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