A Modern, Colorful Gather Greene Wedding – Upstate NY

A refined outdoor wedding in Upstate NY that excludes modern sophistication, and breathtaking wedding details.

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It was a perfect day in Upstate NY to celebrate the love between Kim and Josh. Their Gather Greene wedding showcased pure joy, with refined and intimate moments that will linger as cherished memories. I loved their approach to the decor – upstate chic! From the florals to the paper goods, everything was clean, bright, and fresh.

A Gather Greene Wedding: Highlighting the Refined Upstate NY Wedding Venue

Wonderfully secluded in the mountains of Upstate New York lies Gather Greene, a wedding venue that seamlessly weaves nature’s beauty with refined elegance. From the moment you step onto its grounds, you’re embraced by an atmosphere that feels both serene and vibrant. What sets this venue apart is its blend of natural elements — lush forests, tranquil ponds, and expansive open fields. The cabins, thoughtfully tucked within the forest, offer an intimate retreat, while the pavilion stands elegantly, inviting celebrations under its canopy. But what truly adds a special touch is the ownership and design, reflecting creativity and a unique feminine touch that touches every corner of Gather Greene.

Having a lake house in Rhinebeck within Josh’s family, they were certain about wanting an upstate celebration. The venue’s charm, coupled with its female ownership and design, resonated deeply with Kim and Josh. 

Kim and Josh’s Joyful Celebration at an Elegant Upstate New York Wedding Venue

Capturing Kim and Josh’s celebration was an absolute pleasure! They radiated kindness and joy throughout the event. The wedding venue, with its modern, minimalist ambiance, set against the backdrop of a stunning Upstate New York summer evening, was a sight to behold. And the fusion of bright, soft, and contemporary elements highlighted the beauty of every detail, creating an atmosphere that was filled with refinement and modern sophistication.

Fresh Wedding Details: Kim and Josh’s Contemporary Upstate NY Wedding at Gather Greene

Kim and Josh opted not to choose a specific theme for their wedding, and their approach was flawless. They effortlessly blended colorful, simple elements at Gather Greene without leaning towards a rustic aesthetic, instead embracing a more modern and fresh look. Kim’s choice of a Monique Lhuillier bridal gown was stunning and was complemented perfectly by the hand-lettered stationery and vibrant floral arrangements. All in all, the overall celebration was simply breathtaking!

The Love Story of Kim and Josh

Kim’s realization that Josh was the one came early in their journey, as she navigated her fourth year in optometry school. Her externship at West Point during the summer presented a challenge — a three-month separation from the city and, more importantly, from Josh. Initially daunting, this distance turned into an unexpected blessing. Because of this, it deepened their bond as they navigated their time of separation, making it evident that their connection was genuine and meant the world to both of them. When Kim returned to the city after her externship, they took the plunge and moved in together, marking the beginning of their shared history.

Because of this time of physical distance, it only strengthened their love, emphasizing the effort and commitment they were willing to invest in their relationship. Overall, capturing their moments together, I witnessed the beauty that blossomed from their love story — one filled with dedication, understanding, and the belief that some distances only serve to bring hearts closer together.

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Venue: Gather Greene | Bridal Dress: Monique Lhllier | Bridal Shoes: Gianvito Rossi | Makeup/Hair Artist: Beautini | Rings: Marissa Perry | Catering: Hunt + Harvest | Cakes: Nine Cakes | DJ: 74 Events | Stationary: Pigment + Parchment | Planner: Magdalena Events | Florals: Farmhand Flowers | Transportation: Yankee Trails 

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