Mom and dad share a laugh with their baby girl during a modern at home family photo shoot

Intimate In-Home Family Portraits in NYC

This cozy in-home family session was filled with intimate, emotional moments

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Some years ago, I had the privilege of photographing Morgan and Justin’s Brooklyn wedding and was so pleased when they reached out to me for in-home family photos at their beautiful Upper West Side home. It was a cozy in-home session on a warm summer day in New York City where I had the absolute joy of capturing the radiant beauty of baby Sophie, and the immense love of her doting parents.

In-Home Family Sessions with Young Babies in New York City

I have a special affinity for in-home family sessions with younger babies because it allows them to stay in their familiar environment. The comfort and familiarity of one’s own home can work wonders in capturing genuine moments in an incredibly special and rapidly unfolding chapter in their journey as parents.

Authentic Moments: Documenting Genuine Family Life in the Home

There’s no need for forced poses or unfamiliar settings. Instead, I get to see the family’s dynamics in their raw, unscripted form. The best part is, in-home family sessions also offer the chance to capture the essence of a family’s daily life. 

Ultimately, in-home family photos are special because they provide a glimpse into the everyday beauty of family life. The decorations on the walls, the cozy corners where stories are shared, and the cherished possessions that hold sentimental value tell the family’s story in a meaningful way. They capture the love, laughter, and connection that make each family’s story uniquely precious.

Kind Words from Morgan & Justin

“The entire experience and the beautiful photos turned out to be even more incredible than I had imagined. She made photos that make our everyday moments as new parents feel special. I feel so lucky to have photos that evoke my most precious memories and that are beautiful enough to display all around my home.”

Celebrating Life’s Milestones Together Through Photography

To be asked to photograph all the significant moments of my clients year after year is the greatest compliment. Continuing my connection with clients beyond their wedding day is a genuine honor. I love seeing their families grow and thrive. Things change so quickly – documenting these moments is at the heart of why I love my work.

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