A Golden Autumn Mexico City Elopement

A chic elopement in the heart of the Roma Norte neighborhood with golden hues and CDMX character.

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I love it when couples decide to elope in Mexico City, especially when their day is planned which such beautiful city locations like this one.

Eloping in Mexico City offers a unique mix of old-world charm and modern sophistication. Alex and Jason’s Mexico City elopement in the golden autumn light showcases why this city is a top choice for the world’s coolest couples wanting a memorable wedding experience.

Ready to see how beautiful their elopement was?

An Intimate Airbnb Getting Ready Suite in Mexico City

For Alex, an interior designer, the aesthetics of every aspect of their elopement was thought through. They decided to get ready at an Airbnb that had a lovely courtyard, clean design, and stunning interior details, which mirrored her refined taste and passion for design. Alex was also incredibly thoughtful about her details, the pearl veil was one of her favorite touches.

Sobremesa Mexico City Wedding Ceremony and Stunning Wedding Florals

The selection of Sobremesa as their ceremony venue was no coincidence. Nestled in the heart of Roma Norte, its textures and ambiance aligned perfectly with Alex and Jason’s vision, making it a great example of how the right venue can reflect and amplify a couple’s story and style​.




The Luxury of Eloping

The best part of an elopement? No compromise. Everything can be exactly how you want it to be. With no guests, you can put your budget into other priorities. For Alex and Jason, that meant extravagant flowers at the ceremony, two outfits (which is always fun!) and the other luxury: time. Time to themselves to revel in the moment, and time for lots of photos around the neighborhood!

Let’s go for a walk around Roma…

Late Autumn Light in Mexico City

The early sunset of November provided the most beautiful light​ – a natural, golden glow, perfect for portraits. Especially this time of year, there’s something about Mexico City’s light; it makes everything feel like a dream.

A perfect end to a perfect Mexico City Elopement

The celebration ended with a quickie sip of champagne at Meroma and a cozy dinner at Rosetta. A perfect epilogue to their love story. More than just an elopement; it’s a love letter to the city and to each other.

Their celebration is the perfect example of the significance of choosing the right venue and incorporating personal touches that reflect your journey together. If you’re dreaming of an elopement that’s as unique as your love story, let’s make Mexico City the setting for your next chapter.

Mexico Wedding and Elopement Photographer | Eager Hearts Photography

Elope in Mexico City! Let’s make images that you’ll love for a lifetime – inquire here! 

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