Beautiful mom poses with her kids during her families stunning NYC family photoshoot

Family Photos NYC: A Mini Session in Prospect Park

Fun and natural family photos in Brooklyn, NY.

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Every year, I organize a day of mini sessions in New York City, making it a go-to event for NYC family photos. It’s perfect for families that want a quick and fun session for wiggly kids, couples that want a simple, uncomplicated portrait session, or individuals who might want a fast but professional update for their headshots. Really, anyone is welcome!

And, I’ll be doing another day of Mini Sessions in NYC in June of 2024! Don’t miss out on the opportunity for memorable NYC family photos – look out for more announcements about timing and location! Even better, subscribe to the newsletter to get first dibs on your spot when the sign-ups go live 🙂

Last year, I hosted my NYC Mini Sessions on a stunning October morning in Prospect Park which served as the picturesque backdrop for these family photos in NYC. In just 30 minutes, we made a huge variety of photos and let the kids have a fun time, too.

My Family Photo Philosophy: FREEDOM

Wrangling three kids during a family photo session can sometimes feel like controlled chaos, but we thrive on it. In these mini sessions, where time is precious, we make sure to capture a bit of everything – from group shots to individual portraits, and of course, those precious moments with just the parents. It’s all about embracing the energy, rolling with the giggles, and simply having fun together! My documentary style provides families time to take the pressure off and to just be.

Prospect Park Family Photos NYC

It’s all about fun, personality, and showing their true characters! The kids are encouraged to express themselves freely, without the pressure of conforming to formal poses or expectations. Because of this, the result is natural and organic. 

Capturing Family Photos in NYC: Witnessing the Growth of a Wonderful Family

I have a deep affection for this family! It’s been such a privilege to photograph them throughout the years, starting when the boys were just two years old. Watching them grow and evolve over the years has been truly beautiful.

Brothers, am I right? I thought this moment was so cute.

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