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I was raised in the mountains of Colorado, on a small farm owned by my grandparents, who lived next door. I spent my youth running free, collecting various sticks, bugs, and rocks, surrounded by the people who loved me most. 

Photography was the only thing I’ve ever wanted to do.  When I was thirteen, I bought my first camera with my saved-up Christmas money, and have spent every moment since learning, experimenting, and challenging myself to be a better photographer everyday.

Now, I live in Brooklyn, NY, and the adventures haven’t stopped. I love to travel, eat well, and say yes to opportunities and experiences that come my way. Most often, you can often find me wandering around Mexico City eating all the al pastor, or soaking up LA’s perfect sunshine poolside with friends.

My daily life is filled with simple pleasures – morning coffee on my patio, trying to be the best plant mama I can be, bike rides, yoga, cooking, and with some luck, a beach day every once in a while.


My Approach

What lasts after your wedding day? Your love, new family, and your photos. To me, photography is still a kind of magic – to look at your photos after five, ten, twenty years, and feel the emotions you felt that day, remember the love that surrounded you, & the unbelievable youth, optimism, and style you embodied in that moment in time. 

I approach photography from this place of nostalgia, with the idea that these photos are not just about now, but will be the heirlooms that you value forever. In life and with photography, I am awed by the beauty that lives in the most humble of things. I photograph what is felt, not just what’s seen. 

While photographing, I encourage affection through playfulness and positivity. I embrace fully who you are, and nurture the ways you authentically love each other. My photographs are a combination of editorial portraiture and candid photojournalism – I’ll direct when needed and I promise to always offer my thoughts or suggestions when necessary –  but you’re the ones that bring the fire. I will always make sure that it feels like YOU. My clients aren’t afraid to say yes, be silly, try new things, make out on my command and belly laugh until it exhausts them. They know that life is about getting dirty, diving deep, and loving with your full heart. And I’ll make you look good doin’ it.


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