Imperfectly Perfect: A Summer Long Island Wedding

It was blindingly hot! The power went out! It rained! Everything was perfect! Take a lesson on going with the flow with this Long Island Wedding

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Sometimes allowing time and space to let your wedding unfold how it wants to is the most incredible thing can happen. Sandra and Nick celebrated their love on a scorching hot summer day in Long Island, New York. The day that they had anticipated did not go as planned, and to say it was truly magical would be an understatement. It was a moment frozen in time that I know they will forever cherish. 

Opposites Attract: The Story of Sandra and Nick

Sandra describes their dynamic beautifully when she says “It’s the unfinished story of a farm-loving, non-competitive, loud person from New Hampshire who meets a competitive, city-loving, quiet person from New York. They fall in love, and never stop supporting one another, they laugh at each other’s jokes, count their blessings, and look forward to every next chapter.” Their “fundamental values of friendship, humor, support, and love are met each day,” she gracefully writes.

Getting to document the celebration of 10+ years of loving connection between Sandra and Nick during their summer Long Island wedding was truly an honor. 

Sentimental Moments During a Long Island Wedding

Celebrating their love with family and friends was incredibly important to Sandra and Nick. They opted to host their wedding at their family church where everyone dear to their hearts could come together and celebrate. The thoughtfulness was evident throughout the day as Sandra and Nick put a lot of care into the dynamic with all of their guests at their Long Island wedding. Their intention was to simply spend time with their family and friends while soaking up the blessing of the opportunity to share this experience with everyone who meant the world to them. 

Nick’s family home is where both bridal parties got ready, as well as where the reception took place. The simplicity of this location emphasized their intention for an intimate atmosphere.

My Perspective on Wedding Timelines + Making Space for Magic to Happen

Without a little downtime in between scheduled happenings, these gorgeous, documentary photos never would have happened. For me, photo coverage is about balance – we will definitely get all the “required” photos, but the true magic happens in the in-between moments. Like here, where the bridal party was simply waiting around for transportation to the ceremony – the tension and excitement in the air was palpable. I was able to step back and simply document instead of directing.

Unexpected Beauty Documented in Sandra + Nick’s Long Island Wedding 

We all know summers in Long Island are HOT. However, this blazing summer day was far beyond normal – the power grid blew out due to the heat! What could have been a huge setback during any other wedding, Sandra and Nick went with the flow and embraced the imperfections. No power meant no lights and no sound system in the church. Disaster? Nope, instead, we were gifted a gorgeous, moody light that emphasized the stained glass and gave a vintage feel to the scene. And, instead of a song simply played over speakers, Nick’s sister sang Ave Maria as Sandra walked down the aisle. Her acapella version was hauntingly beautiful. Remembering it still gives me chills! It felt like it should have always been planned this way.

Romanticizing Rain on a Wedding Day

It couldn’t be a scorching hot summer day that blows the power grid out without a summer rainstorm to complete the day, right? Thankfully, Sandra + Nick again embraced the moment and we made some beautiful, moody portraits in the rain. I genuinely think that the soft light and rich colors brought out by the rain make for gorgeous photos. So, if it rains on your wedding day, don’t stress!

Despite encountering various challenges, the day proved to be a tremendous success. Despite the rain and everything else, the guests thoroughly enjoyed the cocktail hour and reception held in the garden. Sandra and Nick added a special touch with their distinctive favors: live-illustrated personalized portraits and a haiku station crafting impromptu poems for all.

All in all, it was a fantastic day — remember, your wedding may not be flawless, but it will be perfect!!!

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Venue: Private Residence | Flowers: Flowers By Liz | Catering: Prime Catering | Cake Designer: Amazing Cakes by Liz | Videographer: DreamLife | Photographer: Eager Hearts Photography | Transportation: Sir Oliver | Bride’s Shoes: Kate Spade | Grooms Suit: Proper Cloth | Makeup/Hair Artist: Beauty by Michelle Belle | Rings: Cardin Jewelers | Illustratration Services: Chic Sketch | Haiku Writers: Ars Poetica | Musician: Kevin Clark | Rental Furniture: Elite Tent and Party Rentals | Bathroom Trailer: Outback Rentals

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